I am a multi disciplinary designer from London with a degree in Graphic Communication design from Central Saint Martins.

My work is led through experimental interactions investigating how humans interact with work and how objects function and behave in reaction to their surroundings.

I like to create spontaneity through a wide range of communication taking inspiration from objects, archives and collections looking into the materiality that objects hold.



352 is a response to the tsundoku bookcases, shelves and piles littered across homes worldwide, a place where books are left forgotten about, collecting dust. Through 352 I focused on my parents tsundoku bookcase, a collection holding hidden literature and media gems spanning from genres such as art, history and space to religion, tarot and popular children literature. The collection which has been inherited, bought, found and acquired consists of high brow academic publishers through to populist publishers such as Penguin with dates ranging from early 1870s to 21st century. With each book comes a sense of appreciation; the feel of the creased spines, the folded page corners and the thickness of the pages. The physicality shows the age and imperfections of the books along with personalised book plates holding messages of past owners and readers. Through 352 the aim was to disrupt how one interacts with the collection whilst archiving the contents at the same time. The focus was to create a spontaneous method of communication between the reader and the bookcase. This appreciation for the material qualities set the foundations for how the documentation began. Looking into common library sorting methods, I began creating a physical algorithm where one page from every book was documented, creating an image based catalogue of the bookcase which took design inspiration from archives and collections.

By creating a purely image based catalogue I’m inviting my parents to explore the books in a spontaneous and impartial method where genres and blurbs are hidden, inviting new books to be read at random and disrupting the flow of information.

A5,  Layout and print design,  Hand hard case bound,  Metal etching