I am a multi disciplinary designer from London with a degree in Graphic Communication design from Central Saint Martins.

My work is led through experimental interactions investigating how humans interact with work and how objects function and behave in reaction to their surroundings.

I like to create spontaneity through a wide range of communication taking inspiration from objects, archives and collections looking into the materiality that objects hold.

An Honest Legacy To Our Ways

Archiving the nonphysical.

Creating a fluid archive where the accessibility and interactions are playful with a focus on the categorisation.  We wanted the contents to be experimental with little control.

Rather than showing the greatest achievements and Devastations as a representation of our time, we felt it was important to create an archive showing the reality, the human side, the personal and the seemingly insignificant.

The mundane everyday and peoples behaviours seem to become lost as we don't see these simple things being of great value. But we recognise how they have changed drastically overtime as we and our environments  change.

The aim was, to capture our contemporary life, through simply observing people going about their everyday. Upon observing and analysing people, we picked up on four key themes that affect our behaviours and that are constantly evolving - Disconnection, Routines, Technology and connection.

Part of a group project with three others.

Film was shown at the BT Being human festival in November 2019
Layout,  Moving image,