I am a multi disciplinary designer from London with a degree in Graphic Communication design from Central Saint Martins.

My work is led through experimental interactions investigating how humans interact with work and how objects function and behave in reaction to their surroundings.

I like to create spontaneity through a wide range of communication taking inspiration from objects, archives and collections looking into the materiality that objects hold.


Encouraging destruction and controlled chaos for creative engagement.

From 50 thousand people watching gladiators fight wild animals in 264BC to hydraulic press videos on youtube raking up 270 million views, humans have always loved destruction. The satisfying feeling of watching objects, buildings, fruit and anything else being destroyed is said to give us feelings of power. Can this destruction be used for creative engagement and does it have the ability to change an objects value?

Through Debris- a participant donates an object they perceive to be “worthless”, in return they are given another participants “worthless” object with the task of destroying it. Over the course of the project I documented the donated objects building up an archive collecting the object, use, materials, size, weight, date and method of destruction. After destruction the destroyed objects debris is collected to be remade into new objects. Each participant receives their object back but in a new form with new uses. Do these new objects take on the same worthless nature of the objects before? Do these objects in their new form have new purposes? Does physical process and hand made craft affect the value of an object and how do materials affect an objects worth?
Identity,  Website,  Physical experiments